June 29, 2012

  • Unqueered Melody!



    I was coming in to work this morning around four thirty and thought I'd turn on the radio for a little company. The night was at it's darker just before dawn stage, and the only sound I could hear was my tires singing on the blacktop, and it was getting a tad hypnotic!

    Tuned in to a local oldies station and the first thing I heard was the opening to "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers. Now, I liked the song well enough when it was released in 1965, but in later years I also saw the movie "Ghost" (my personal choice for one of the schmaltziest movies ever made) and to be honest, it sorta queered me on the song. Every time I heard it, Whoopie Goldberg would pop into my head! Trust me, that's not the kind of mental image I want to pack around all day!

    Why couldn't it have been Demi taking up residence in my brain?

    But, this morning was a bit different. It seemed totally fresh, like I was hearing it for the first time. And, it was incredible!

    I was like unqueered all of a sudden! Whoopie was nowhere to be found in my head! Yay!

    In my humble opinion, Bill and Bobby's vocal tone and range have not been matched or surpassed by any pop singer to this day. Even as much as I like LeAnn Rimes, her version pales in comparison. 

     So turn your volume up, and if you have the time, give it a listen. This is the original stereo version released in 1965.

     Enjoy it, I know I did!

    PS: Thanks to @amateurprose for the much better title!




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