April 1, 2008

  • Should guns be illegal? Why or why not?

        "In a land where guns are outlawed,only outlaws will have guns" is an old cliche that is also perfectly true when applied to this question!! The 2nd Amendment gives all law abiding citizens the right to bear arms,but there is also an underlying duty and responsibility to protect and defend ourselves,our families,and those around us from harm. Most people today seem to assume that should anything bad start to happen they can simply call 911 and the police will come and take care of the problem. Nothing could be further from the truth!! They will, of course ,respond but they cannot prevent the crime from happening!! They can do nothing until a crime has occurred!! Their job is to solve crimes and arrest the guilty if possible. 

        I myself am licensed to carry concealed in 38 states and have been for years, simply because there is no police officer assigned to watch out for me and safegaurd me 24 hours a day,and surprise folks,none are assigned to you either!!

       S&W's 003

    (Meet two of my closest friends-Mr.Smith & Mr.Wesson)

    Now, no one can tell you that you have to own a firearm,just as no one should be able to tell me I cannot own one.

    I personally would never want to be in the highly unfortunate position of hearing glass breaking,stairsteps creaking or whatever in the middle of the night and upon getting out of my comfy bed,seeing one or more individuals,armed with whatever they choose to be armed with,coming up my stairs,and me knowing that there is nothing at all in this house to defend ourselves with.

    And even if the very first thing I do in this situation is "call the police",the 15,25,or 30 minutes it takes them to get here is when all the of the Bad Shit is going to happen!!

    I'm sure they would  write a very detailed report about what terrible things happened to the nice older couple that used to live here!!!


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  • SHOOT THEM ALL AND LET GOD SORT THEM OUT! Ooops, sorry about that. I agree with you 100% absolutely!!!

  • @HemptressDecember - The LC9 is a good choice. Are you referring to the M15 Colt Officer's pistol? That is one fine piece of work, if you are! Rather on the expensive side tho.

  • Awesome! Stoked to see that although my screen name has changed, my opinion hasnt. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

    Looking at Rugers LC9.... Or maybe a M15. cant decide. 

  • Weapons are necessary for self-protection, but too much of them can be deadly.

  • And besides all that ...I have no faith in 911 operators.

  • @seedsower - For target shooting I would go with a quality .22 in revolver or semi-auto. Lot of fun to plink with, and much, much cheaper to shoot.

  • Is that good for target shooting and self defense? I never worried to much about self defense.I guess I should,but out here I am not afraid.

  • That is what I will look for. 

  • @seedsower - For self defense? A small frame revolver in at least .32 cal. is the most dependable. S&W J frame 5 shot in .38 is what I carry. It only weighs 12 ounces. Downside is the cost. New is 5 to 7 hundred. Should be able to find a good used one tho.

  • So do you have an idea for what kind of gun I should get? 

  • @buddly47 -   Yes, I am NOT normal!  lol  Normality is a state of mind.  And I wish I wasn't an adult.  Can I still be a baby?

  • @curlytopchick1973 - Of course I did!! Are you feeling insulted??????hahaha

  • Totally agree with you on this.  Actually thinking of getting our guns while you still can.  I will be legal to carry also.  Just need to get them first.  With being a servicemembers spouse, doing what we do, it's actually a good idea to keep the family protected.  On another note, did you say that I am a normal,remarkably well adjusted adult?????????

  • @flatpick46 - Hear ya on that one!! Plus putting a couple of hundred rounds thru it won't land you in the poorhouse!!haha.I've got an old Hawes 22 LR SA revolver I plink with when I get the chance. Have a great day,Randy

  • @buddly47 - I'm not sure of the weight of the pistol I have on layaway now, it has a bit of weight to it, but not heavy. I like the small caliber, so I can shoot with my daughters.

  • I know, we cant move any of our stuff 'cause it'll all get wet. Its supposed to rain until Sunday. What a bummer. I'm ready to see a week of sunshine, but who isn't?

  • @flatpick46 - Well spoken,Randy,and point taken. But,being somewhat of an agnostic,I don't always factor an infinite being into every equation. I tend to put the credit or blame for what's good or bad in this world square on the back of mankind!

        Sounds like a nice gun collection,don't think I would want to put mine on a list my wife could see,she might decide I have to many and have me weed them out!!!(LOL) If you are going to get your CWP soon you should give some thought to a light weight carry weapon. I carry a 13oz Smith Airweight loaded with 125gr. 38spl+p's. I've found anything over 26 oz's to be a little uncomfortable over an 8 hr period.

        Thanks for the comment,my Friend!!

  • Outstanding post!  I would just change one thing. The 2nd ammendment does not give us the right to bear arms.............it RECOGNIZES the right to bear arms. The right comes from God, and the constitution promises not to infringe on that right. That is the brilliance of the wording of the ammendment by our founders........."the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed......"   I like your guns, I have a phoenix arms .22 on layaway right now, and I am going to get my CWP very soon.

    I also have a bolt action .30 .06 winchester, a marlin .22 rifle, and a .50 caliber round ball muzzleloader. Shooting sports are fun!

  • i dont remember what happened to it.

  • @Saadias_World - Well ,thank you Darlin'! Kind words indeed from such a beautiful,vibrant woman-but please,don't tell me I'm sweet too!!(LOL)

  • You're so cute.

  • @antisoccermom - Thanks-All three of my children were taught, by me, to handle firearms by the age of ten. And believe it or not,all three are normal,remarkably well adjusted adults!!!(LOL)


    People assume there is someone there to take care of them, and their families. When/if someone breaks into my home to injure my family, I will shoot them without thinking twice.

    Whats important is EDUCATING yourself, and your children (when they are of age) to properly handle a firearm.

  • We're definately continuing working on the house, its just some things come up about it, and i'm just too stressed out about living here with his mother that we had to get out of here. Its for the better, and even though it'll be tight, we can gradually work on the house and make it nicer than if we just rushed things. I'm still looking for a part-time job, close to catlettsburg. Oh yeah, you know that bed-and-breakfeast aka the levi hampton house on 23? If so, we're moving to the little red house on that dead end road.

    I'm half and half on guns, just as long as no crazies get them they should be legal.  

  • @Saadias_World - I prefer Walther myself (the ones my relatives have are things of complete precision), and we used to have a beautiful old BSA (.22) which was one of the most amazing guns I have ever held - it had some serious personality.

    But this is the UK ==> no handguns after the Dunblain incident, and we've had none so bad since then...


  • @Saadias_World - Good for you,Girl!!! It's all about being responsible,isn't it? And of course,it would have to be pink wouldn't it??? Have a great night ,"My Brown Eyed Girl"!!

  • Guns are awesome.  I have a very intimate relationship with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson myself.  I carry a cute little pink glock. 

  • yes it would be, and we got the place!!!

  • I'm not going tot add to the debate;

    But your guns scare me.

  • I grew up in South Africa and it was quite normal to have a firearm.  One had to be licenced of course and it was not strange to see fire arms around as all our police carried them.  And of course, with the situation being as it is in SA now, I wouldn't live there without a firearm!!!  But, I live in the UK now....yeah, a lot of crime, but not so much that I feel the need to protect myself with a fire arm.  But I have absolutely no problem with what you are saying. 

  • i say hell yea!!!  i have lived in a town that made it a law to own a gun and there was no crime in the area except DUIs and domestic crap.  i could leave my doors open and leave.  even the stores had guns behind the counter.  it lowered the crime rate tramendously!!!

  • I AGREE...WELL PUT.  I guess since I am a farm girl and my daddy and brothers did hunt, the idea of a gun in the house isn't unusual.  Now, I live in a huge city with lots of crime and the idea of self protection is constant after seeing the evening/morning news each day.  I don't have a gun, but sure think it's a great idea.  My sisters took a class and are now certified and have a gun in their homes....I may be next.  Thanks...great post.

  • Thanks for the comments on my site.  I have to agree with you on this, although its taken me years to even consider having a weapon in my home.  My time in service and work as an EMT I saw a lot of harm come from weapons being misused... but I also know a responsible person can use it for the right and intended purpose.  I just wish that the laws governing the education of using a firearm were more stringent than the laws keeping people from owning them.

  • @angi1972 - Oh,I know most people won't agree Ang,and that's ok. It's a personal choice(carrying concealed)I made years ago, and I would not be here today if I had chose otherwise. And thank you for the recommend!! OK,who has doors up now?? Gotta go check

  • I'm here by recommentation. Our police won't even write a report. They get another call and away they go. I'm with you on the gun ownership. I don't want to just sit and wait to be killed. I want to defend myself if I need to.

  • Great opinion... one I happen to agree with... although I know many people won't. We don't have a gun in the house right now, but I like knowing I have to right to have one.

    I was raised in a hunting family and we were always taught the respect firearms... not fear them, it isn't the gun people should be afraid of its the idiots that don't treat them responsibly or know how to use them.

    Thanks for the opinion Bud!

  • nice

  • It's like everything else; you will have responsible citizens and irresponsible ones.  Killers will be killers regardless of the weapons they use.

  • @Stoove - It's about individual responsibility,Stoove. They will respond-i.e. break in or robbery but the CRIME has already been committed!! If you are the unlucky homeowner or bank customer killed during the commission of said crime,their responce is not going to help YOU in any sense of the word!!

  • While I understand your sentimest, I don't think that Police will refuse to deal with a break in as it's happening, or a bank robbery as the culprits are taking the money.


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