June 7, 2012

  • Froggie Went a Courtin'..........



    And he did ride, uh huh!

    Kermit porn!!!!!

    Didn't see any sign of a sword or pistol, tho. This guy's obviously a lover, not a fighter!

    misc. 002

    Saw these two hooked up frogs outside work on the parking lot a couple of weeks ago. They started out beside a pair of dolly legs of a trailer that was due to be picked up soon, so I nudged them with the toe of my boot to move em out of harms way before the driver showed up for the trailer.

    Thought it was odd that the male totally ignored me while the female struggled to hop off with him on her back.


    So I Googled!

    Seems that's very acceptable behavior for frogs of all species!

    When the male assumes this position, known as Amplexus, he will stay there for hours or even several days til the female is ready to lay her eggs, at which time he fertilizes them as she lays them. If they're in water he goes into a form of hibernation so he has no need to surface for air, or search for food. The female goes on as normal, bringing them both up for air, and looking for assorted buggies to nibble on!

    So, simply said, the female goes on about the business of life, self preservation, and preservation of the species, while the male could not give a flying crap less!

    He would just as soon be squished by a tractor-trailer than give up on the "sweet spot"!


    Mother Nature's a hoot, ain't she?

    Happy Hump Day, Xangaland!

    And Frogtown, too!




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