Month: May 2012

  • Socks came to dinner!



    Amanda, AKA @the_rocking_of _socks, was looking for a folding table for her bakesale for the "No Child Goes Hungry" campaign. I offered to loan her a couple, so we were playing message tag on FB as to when she'd like to pick it up, and were getting nowhere fast, so I told her if they would come by around 5 I'd throw some steaks on the grill and we'll have dinner ready.

    She said that sounded great to her!

    You can check out her No Child Goes Hungry FB page here.

    She came over around 4:30, and she brought dessert.

    dinner with Socks 011

    Pineapple upside down cupcakes!

    I had a nice 1 and a quarter inch thick flat-iron steak, so I sliced it into 4 pieces cause I thought her hubby David was coming too, but he had a prior engagement.

    dinner with Socks 001

    Brushed both sides with garlic infused olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and grilled 5 minutes per side. Slightly more rare than medium rare, and delicious!

    dinner with Socks 002

    Thinly sliced french bread, brushed with the infused oil, and grilled.

    dinner with Socks 003

    Karen sauteed the crab cakes while I was watching the steaks, then drizzled 'em with, what else, Sweet Baby Ray's dipping sauce.

    dinner with Socks 004

    She also nuked the taters, cause we didn't want to light the oven.

    dinner with Socks 005

    And of course, there was shrimpz!

    dinner with Socks 006

    Garden salad tossed with homemade (by Buddly) basalmic-red wine-dijon-garlic vinegarette, and topped with crispy, lightly salted jalapeno slices.

    dinner with Socks 007


    dinner with Socks 008

    I think Amanda was sending a pic to David, just to rub it in a little! hahaha

    But not to worry, we sent him a huge plate home as a midnight snack.

    I got your back, man!

    dinner with Socks 009

    The aftermath!

    Oh yeah, Karen made iced tea, with lemon. I can't drink it without lemon!

    dinner with Socks 010

    Now, that is two satisfied women!

    Ahhh, the prowess of Buddly!

    Bon appetite, all y'all!