Month: May 2011

  • Buddly's three day weekend




    Our daughter Carly came home from Omaha for her daughters graduation and Memorial Day.

    Memorial Day weekend 018

    Memorial Day weekend 019

    Her daughter Jasmine, Carly, and son Ethan.

    Since she would be leaving Sunday morning, we had a cookout fot the kids and grandkids on Saturday.

    I grilled some weenies for burnt weenie sammiches and Karen made a big skillet full of Manwich, put out some chips, watermelon and cantaloupe, and some 2 liter bottles of sodie pops.

    I didn't take any pics of the cookout fare, but most of you have seen my weenie anyway. Don't wanna over do it!

    Memorial Day weekend 017

    Memorial Day weekend 020 Memorial Day weekend 021



     It was just Karen and I on Sunday, so we picked up some nice hefty filet mignons and some stuffed crabs at Walmart that morning.

    Memorial Day weekend 002

    Memorial Day weekend 003

    Memorial Day weekend 004

    Mmmmmm! Medium rare filets, a couple of crabs, half a baked potato, and rolls. Don't get any better than that!

    Just a nice quiet Sunday at home.




    Karen's mom, two of her sisters, a nephew and grand niece came over around 4 for dinner.


    Grilled pork loin

    Steamed asparagus

    Boiled and fried new potatoes

    Fresh tomatoe, cucumber, and onion medley tossed with Italian dressing

    My world famous shrimp and macaroni salad

    Fresh watermelon and cantaloupe tray

    Sister's Parker House rolls

    And, oh yeah, Key Lime pie!


    Started with a 5lb pork loin, marinated overnight in Coca-Cola, garlic, and salt and pepper.

    Memorial Day weekend 008

    Browned him nicely on all sides, then moved it to the back of the grill and turned the rear burner off and the front to medium heat.

    Memorial Day weekend 009

    Made a little sauce to baste him with from 1/3 cup of apple juice and 1/3 cup of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce. Slathered him up and closed the lid. Went out about every 15 minutes, turned it, and rebasted.

    After about and hour and fifteen minutes,


    Pork perfection!

    Memorial Day weekend 010

    Everyone showed up on time (thankee Lord) and we sat the table.

    Karen was busy while I was grillin'!

    Boiled and fried new potatoes.

    Memorial Day weekend 013

    Steamed asparagus.

    Memorial Day weekend 014

    Cucumer, tomatoe and onion medley.

    Memorial Day weekend 007

    Shrimp macaroni salad, that I made yesterday.

    Memorial Day weekend 011

    Sister's rolls.

    Memorial Day weekend 012

    And the headliner, grilled pork perfection!

    Memorial Day weekend 006

    It's time to eat!

    Memorial Day weekend 015

    All in all, a very nice three day weekend.

    Hope everyone had a safe, happy, thankful and grateful weekend.

    Happy Memorial Day to one and all!



  • Black and White



    My Ohio River Heritage.

    I'm 63 and so far have spent most of my life living on the banks of this old river.

    She's home to me, and hopefully always will be.

    47th street park 037

    The Ironton/Russell Bridge


    Same bridge on a foggy morning.


    Tugboat idling in the fog.

    wash job 002

    The Ironton, Oh docks.

    phone pics 002

    At the foot of my yard.

    work 012

    Taken while mowing the yard.

    47th street park 062

    Catlettsburg, Ky floodwall mural.

    47th street park 050

    47th street park 055


    47th street park 057

    47th street park 063

    47th street park 070

    47th street park 024

    These were all taken behind the floodwall.

    47th street park 010

    Gotta be careful where you walk!

    47th street park 068

    Picture 178

    This old river works 24/7. It never stops.

    Hope it never does!


    Seedsower has invited us to post in color themes,
    check out her Painted This Town Red post for the schedule if you'd like to join in!




  • Jumping on the Paint it Red Bandwagon



    The Paint it Red Bandwagon

    So, here we go, in no particular order, and with no rhyme nor reason whatsoever -


    chili 008

    chili 010

    work 001

    7th Annual Rally on the River 047.jpg

    7th Annual Rally on the River 050.jpg

    T-Bone Heaven! 005.jpg

    caboose 055.jpg

    caboose 054.jpg


    ribeyes 001.jpg

    no humpin 007.jpg

    no humpin 002.jpg

    caboose 021.jpg

    caboose 015.jpg

    Work 044.jpg

    nazi flag.jpg

    fried rice 011.jpg

    clocks 032.jpg

    1st of November 001.jpg

    1st of November 002.jpg

    chili dogs 001.jpg

    6th Annual Rally on the River 047.jpg

    6th Annual Rally on the River 041.jpg

    Sternwheeler 005.jpg

    Sternwheeler 009.jpg


    4th 002.jpg


    pics 031.jpg

    pics 055.jpg

    Doors of Russell,Ky 023.jpg

    pics 002.jpg

    My Space pics 098.jpg

    Ed's new ride 005.jpg

    Bud's flag shirt.jpg

    Derby Day 002.jpg

    Doors of Russell,Ky 027.jpg

    This last one has to be the best of the bunch!

    Me at work 002.jpg


    Seedsower has invited us to post in color themes,
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  • A VW Bus for Jill, and some foggy river pics.



    Saw this parked down on the corner on Easter Sunday.

    VW 001

    Soon as I saw it, I thought of Jill! Had to walk down and get a closer look.

    VW 003

    Looks like it just rolled out of the showroom! Haven't seen one that pristine in years. By the late seventies it seemed every one you saw was covered in peace signs and flowers. lol

    They're still out there Jill, don't give up on those dreams!

    I'm thinking it was the next morning around 7:15 when I went out to start my truck and saw this tugboat idling in the high waters of the Ohio.

    Made this one my new wallpaper.

    foggy 006

    foggy 005

    After about five minutes he powered up and slowly headed on upriver.

    foggy 002

    Karen liked this bridge shot, so I set it as her new wallpaper.

    foggy 004

    It's been a lazy weekend here, hoping it stays that way.

    See yuz sometime tomorrow guys, it's beer thirty!

    If you get a chance, go over and check out my buddy Randy's weekend threefur!

    You won't regret it!





  • Dan must have really liked my last post!



    Can you say glitch?

    I've seen someones recs on the same post be listed in my UI 2 or 3 times before, but nothing like this.

    Six recs to the same post, the comment, then one more rec.

    Weirdness, Xanga.

    Every time I try to rec more than once I get smacked with a little warning notice!


    Or what if it's not a glitch? Maybe Dan wields more power with the Xangateam than any of us mere mortals even suspected?

    Scary thought!

    I'ma so hoping it's just a little glitch!




  • Osama's Facebook status





    Yeah, I had to.



  • Moments of Zen


    In light of all the ObamaOsama controversy on here today, I think we can all use a little chill time.

    Jumping on the SaintVi and Doahsdeer bandwagon here.

    Paddle Creek 015.jpg

    Sunday 005.jpg

    47th street park 022.jpg

    47th street park 032.jpg

    *peace out*