Month: June 2011

  • Greener is greenerier Day



    Seedsower has invited us to post in color themes,
    check out her Painted This Town Red post for the schedule if you'd like to join in!


    Todays color is green.

    Mmmmm, steamed asparagus

    Memorial Day weekend 014

    My lighter collection on the pool table

    lighters 001

    Abandoned silo

    Paddle Creek 017.jpg

    Big beefy baguette sammich topping

    beefy! 007.jpg

    Bikes from the Rally on the River

    7th Annual Rally on the River 042.jpg

    7th Annual Rally on the River 058.jpg

    7th Annual Rally on the River 035.jpg

    Gun store at the Rally

    7th Annual Rally on the River 010.jpg

    My John Deere

    caboose 047.jpg

    caboose 048.jpg

    The view from my deck

    almost heaven 013.jpg

    My Luftwaffe dagger on pool table felt

    Dagger 008.jpg

    And lastly, but not leastly.

    How green was my valley?


    47th street park 014.jpg

    47th street park 015.jpg

    47th street park 018.jpg

    47th street park 020.jpg

    4th 004.jpg

    Only about a third of the way thru my pics, but enuffs enuff! Or , maybe too much! LOL