Month: April 2012

  • It was time......



    Nay, some would say way, way past time!

    This old deck needs pressure washed in a bad way!!!!!!!!

    deck 002

    deck 003

    deck 004

    deck 006

    deck 007

    The last time I cleaned this deck was around 15 years ago, using a gas powered 1500 PSI pressure washer, that took 3 days and was a heck of a lot of work!

    Around 4 or 5 years ago, Karen bought me a little electric pressure washer as a Christmas present, and it was still in the box, unopened, in the basement. In my know it all male mind I'm thinking, if the big pressure washer took 3 days to do the job, this tiny little thing will never work!

    Hahaha, was I ever wrong!

    Got it out of the box Saturday morning and it worked perfectly! Light weight and easy to use, no chemicals needed at all, we were done with the larger section by 5 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Couldn't have been easier!

    deck 005

    As an added bonus, I found something Matt likes to do!

    deck 008

    By Sunday afternoon we were done with the main parts of both sides of the deck with a little bit of cleanup left to do around the outside and the deck poles. Matt said he'll take care of that this week. Woohoo!

    Check out the difference!

    deck 010

    deck 011

    deck 013

    deck 014

    deck 016

    deck 015

    It's hard to believe that deck is 28 years old, it looks like new!

    If you agree, rec this post?

    What better way to celebrate the rebirth of the old deck than char broiling some inch thick rib-eyes on the old grill?

    deck 017 

    Look at the wood around that grill! Amazing, ey?

    It's warm weather, grilling season is upon us again, and Buddly's back.

    Bon Apetite, all yall!