Month: November 2011

  • Clouds over the Ohio



    The flood waters finally went down over at Virginia Point so I drove over at lunch to look around.

    Though it had been grey and overcast all day, the clouds were spectacular!

    clouds 018

    clouds 002

    clouds 003

    clouds 004

    clouds 005

    clouds 006

    clouds 017

    clouds 011

    clouds 012

    The work on this old river never stops, low water, high water, or come what may, the cargo and freight keeps moving!

    clouds 015

    clouds 016

    clouds 007

    Hard to believe the 1st of December is only two days away, and it's in the mid sixties here today!

    Won't be for long, tho. Lows in the 20's and highs in the 30's coming this weekend!

    Speaking of work, I should be getting back to mine, lol.

     See ya next time, peeps!